Car / Marine Audio & Security

What comes to your mind when you think of your car stereo? Good enough? Why shouldn’t it be engagingpowerful or something to brag about?

On average you will spend 9 hours a week in your car, that time shouldn’t suck.

Midrange is important – the human ear is tuned to be most sensitive to the midrange because that’s the range our voices use. Bass and treble can be impressive at first but if the midrange isn’t right, nothing else matters. We’re all about detailed, accurate sound that you won’t get tired of.

Your car doesn’t need to be changed, so we won’t – We think your car is fine just the way it is, the speakers might not be great but the car itself is purpose built and does not require heavy modifications. Cutting metal is not allowed (unless in custom applications), nothing we do will impede the mechanics at work, everything works just like it’s always has. 

Less can be more – We don’t think you need more speakers! Often we think you need less. The best sounding systems we’ve done have between 5 and 7 speakers total.

We’re here for you – We exist to give you better sound in your car, to make your experience in the vehicle great. No sale is more important than your satisfaction and our integrity.

Keep your factory radio

Modern cars have pretty good head units. Many have navigation, hands free, satellite radio & iPod control. 

So why don’t they sound great? Quite frankly it’s because good sound doesn’t sell cars, so most manufacturers won’t spend the money on good audio. Some fantastic vehicles have lousy audio systems. When we say audio system, we don’t mean the media head unit, we mean the speakers and amplifiers. 

The good news is those can be improved without replacing your stock in-dash receiver. We can upgrade your speakers, pump it up with a new amplifier and correct any processing done by the factory – all while keeping the vehicle apperance and functionality intact. On top of that all of our systems are 100% reversible in the future  – which makes them perfect for lease, or vehicles where the resale value is key.