Car Starters

WE are Canadian’s. We know what the biting cold of -40C feels like. We know It’s not just electric cars that get plugged in. We have experienced frozen tires and frozen seats. We know how to prepare. We know how to conquer the cold. We are the few and the proud, that wake up to weather conditions that would cripple some countries, smile, and get on with our day.

WE install remote starters not because its a neat trick for a car show, but because they are a weapon against our harsh winters.

After thousands of remote start installations; we are Canada’s home grown experts. We know what systems work best for your application, and how to get them up and running, so you can get your day rolling.

Call for booking or questions: Camrose AVU (780) 672-2225

With over 15 years of experience and backed by some of the best product on the market AVU is your #1 source for everything remote start! We deal in Compustar remotes and security.

Compustar is the premeire remote start solution. Offering the most features and incredible reliablity we’re confident we can find the remote that’s right for you! 

Don’t know where to start? Let us help you!

One way: Our most inexpensive solution, offering ranges up to 3000 feet. This model will provide relaible range but will give no audible feedback as to when your vehicle starts.

Two way: With ranges varying from 3000 up to 15,000 feet a two way will give you longer range than your standard one way, as well as giving two way feedback. Meaning when you press that button you’ll know exactly when your vehicle does or does not start, ensuring a toasty vehicle every time!

Drone: The drone module can be added to any compustar model or installed as a standalone unit. The drone will allow you to start your vehicle from an app on your Android or Apple device. If you’re traveling a lot, or spend time in an RF rich environment, this may be the model for you!